Saturday, June 11, 2011

Birthing and Borning

Sweet Alice,

So here you are twelve days ago, announcing to the world that you were here. Being born is different from giving birth, I imagine. Well, actually, I'm not sure. Which is tougher? I have no idea.

 I've only been born and that never seems to end in my life. Except I can't tell if it is being born or giving birth any more. It's probably being born because giving birth seems to speak to something outside of ourselves and separate at some point in time.
But then again, my experience seems to suggest otherwise.

This giving birth and being born seem to become one, not two, as we move through this life.

OK, I know this is getting complicated at this point. Just trust me. Birthing and "borning" (doubt that's a word) are a big part of what this life is about, when lived with intention.

I can promise you this, if you ever find out what you are passionate about and become intimate with that passion you will not need to come to me and ask me what these words are all about.

You will come to me and say, "Gosh Grampa, what an awesome life!"

Keep Birthing and Borning Alice!


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