Friday, June 3, 2011

Welcome Home Alice Catherine, Time To Start Cooking This Life

Dear Alice,
You spent your first night at home last night. I hope it went well for all concerned. 

And so it is the memories begin.

Making a life together with those who love you.

And making a life together is kind of like cooking a pot of soup Alice.
It takes several ingredients to make a good soup and it needs to be cooked slowly.

There are all kinds of soups Alice and all kinds of ingredients!

But every pot of good soup must begin with a good base.

May I suggest you consider Love.

Study all it's properties, study the many ways it has been used and mis-used.

Then pour it in the pot of life and start cooking.

Smell the sweet aroma throughout your whole house.

Nothing like a pot of soup on the stove Alice,

Especially one started with the ingredient of LOVE.

Let's start cooking!


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