Saturday, July 9, 2011

Love Framed

Dear Sweet Alice,
(By the way, you have made your first trip to Grampa's house)
I was sitting in my chair yesterday afternoon and looked up and saw this beautiful scene of you and your mother.

"Snap!"...I was able to frame that moment.
I get teary eyed now just looking at it.

Alice I was granted the grace of "seeing love" right before my eyes.

As you go through life Alice, you will hear this word "love" in many contexts.
It can be a confusing thing to try and figure out just what "love" is but maybe in those confusing times you can refer back to this simple moment in time and see "Love Framed", so you know just what it is.

Trusting and Caring...for sure these two words point to what love is in some way...

And so there you are trusting and there is your mother caring...

Love Framed Alice!


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