Friday, July 29, 2011

Road Trip!

Sweet Alice,
Well you made one heck of a road trip this week (10 hours)! All reports suggest you did just great. I hope you have fun with your mother's family.
I would much rather you be here but how selfish of me to want to limit your life.
Alice sometimes when we love something or someone so much we try to control that something or someone. Well that would not be real love. Real love is doing all you can to enable another to become all they were meant to be.
So forgive grampa we his love for you is all about what he needs and not about what you need.
I'll probably make that mistake on occasions but do feel free to remind me of what I said to you right here in this moment.

Friday Haiku For You

Loving you Alice
is letting you be Alice.
Wonderful indeed!

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