Thursday, August 18, 2011

Circle of LIfe

Sweet Alice,
Lala and I spent last weekend with you. We watched your momma and daddy make a cake and they watched me make what we call in the family, “quick sauce”…but we cook it for about three hours to really make it good.
So our weekend centered round loving you, watching you, holding you, kissing you…and…
Cooking some good food!
All in all it was a very simple weekend of just being together with folks we love and sharing a meal together.
You seemed to enjoy it but then again you didn’t have much choice. It’s not like you could get up and leave when you wanted to.
There will come a time Alice when you can just up and leave and go do your thing. There will come a time Alice when the kind of weekend we had last weekend will just simply be boring to you.
But then there will also come a time in your life Alice when you can’t wait to come home and have a weekend just like we just had.
Circle of life?
Truth is it may come sooner than later in your life because your mother and daddy already understand the beauty of simplicity. They already understand the wonderful aspect of just being.You pay attention to the way they “just be” Alice and you will have learned a very valuable life lesson.
I can’t wait to “just be” with you again sweet Alice.
Gram Pa

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