Saturday, August 6, 2011

Welcome Home Sweet Alice

Sweet Alice, 
Wow, what a road trip you had for such a young fingerling! I know you got lots of love and attention! But there really is no place like home. That place where routine becomes routine. That place where you can really let your hair down. That place where you can just be you.
Truth is Alice is that you should learn to just be you no matter where you are. You should learn how to just be "at home" with Alice being Alice.
You might say, "How can I be anything but Alice?"
Well, there will be so many pushes and pulls in your life, trying to lure you into being other than who or what you are. Some call it "trying to fit in", some call it "peer pressure", some call it "wanting to be liked".
I promise you that if you will just come to love and like who Alice really is all that pushing and pulling will have no affect on you.
And one of the places you can always come to for that kind of experience is HOME. Just where you are right now Alice.
So welcome home Alice. We love you just the way you are!!!


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