Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sweet Alice,
So here’s the thing: YOU ARE A CIRCUS ACT!

Lala and I took care of you last Saturday night and you put on a show for us. We were very 

entertained. You rolled, pushed, crawled backwards, tried to bite Sophie’s head off and made beautiful 

little baby noises, squeaking and squawking and oh, you cried too, but hey, part of the deal, right?

So back to this idea about “a circus act”, I can’t remember if I have ever been to a circus or not. I think I 

have. I did just finish reading a book about a circus (Water for Elephants) and it was good. And I learned a lot about the circus.

Here are some things I learned:

It seems it requires a lot of different people with a lot of different skills to make the show go on.

It’s kind of like what Paul talks about in the New Testament, when he describes the church as “the body 

of Christ”. There are hands, feet, noses, eyes, ears…all kinds of parts that make up the body but not one part is more important than the other…it takes all the parts to make the body a body.

Everybody is important.

No different in the circus.

Animal trainers,


The elephants, tigers,

The people who put up the big tent,

The people who clean up after the animals,

The Ring Master,

The flying trapeze people,

And lots of other people doing all kinds of things,

But again, everybody is important.

As you get older Alice you will have to discover how it is you fit into this circus we call life. You will have to figure out what your particular gifts are.

Finding out where you fit in this world can take a while sometimes Alice. But once you know you are a ring master or a flying trapeze person or a nose, ear or arm, it won’t be a show any more, it won’t be an act.

It will be Alice…

And that will be just fine.

Thanks for the Show Alice!

In the meantime, remember everybody is important!


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