Thursday, October 20, 2011


Sweet Alice,

Last week we talked about choices in a humorous 

kind of way. I’m not sure if either of those folks 

gave up their teams but someone ending up losing 

and someone ending up winning…at least 

according to the rules of football.

Questions (football aside and all):

Does someone always have to lose?

Is there a way for everyone to win?

Is it about winning and losing?

Or is “it” about something else?

This life Alice, your life Alice, what is it all about?

When my life on this earth has ended will they 

ask, “Did he win or did he lose?”

What is there to win?

What is there to lose?

Jesus said we had to lose our own lives before we can find “LIFE”…

There is a Zen saying that goes, “die before you die”

I would say that both of these statements are 
pointing to something important.

But neither are pointing to winning and losing.

Maybe it has something to do about what it really means to be human.

Maybe it has something to do about Grampa’s relationship with you, with  your mother, your daddy, Lala, Mimi, and Big…


Oh well, I’m still struggling with all this and I hope you struggle with it to, because I think it's important.

Love you Alice,


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