Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Amazing Alice


Last week I noted your ability to crawl. This 

week I get a video from your momma and 

daddy and it seems they have enrolled you in 

a yoga class, well, not really but you seem to be trying to stand up!

What is the deal here? You are only a little over five months old.

You are not old enough to be doing these feats.

Please promise grampa you are not going to run off and join the circus because of your amazing acts!
You are not old enough!

Speaking of “you are not old enough”, you will 

probably hear this line a lot in the next, oh, let’s say fifteen to sixteen years.

That is not just a line we parents and grandparents use because we have no other answers.

Alice there will be things you will want to do 

but you really will not be old enough to do 

them. And you may not understand it at the 

time because you just won’t be old enough to understand.

This is when you must trust the wisdom and love of those elders around you.

There will be those who are your same age doing things your parents will not let you do. 

That will most probably mean that your parents really care about you. 

It may not feel like it at the time but when you are older, I promise you will understand and appreciate it.

Some things have nothing to do with age but many do. Some things depend on just how old you are emotionally.

Well, I could ramble on about all the dynamics of this “you are not old enough” thing but I won’t.

Just trust what grampa is saying here.

And when you are older, you will understand.

In the mean time you just keep trying to crawl and stand up…no age limit on that one…just depends on your efforts.


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