Friday, November 4, 2011

Beginnings and Endings

So Alice, I see you can crawl! 

Well, I knew you were not going to just lie there on your back or just keep rolling over forever. I knew that time in your life would end and things would change.

Things are always changing, and so, it was time for you to change your mode of mobility.

Nothing is permanent Alice. 

It seems things are always changing. Beginning and ending are happening around us every day.
It seems to be the nature of this reality we live in.

Even we begin and end in this reality Alice.

But beginning and ending are not always consistent.

Some people begin to crawl at nine months and some people (like you) begin to crawl at five months.

We don't always know when something will begin or when    something will end.

And here’s a tough one but I share it with you because I love you.
Some people end after a long time and some people end after a very short time.

I was reminded of this today Alice, when I watched a 30 year old patient of ours die.

By the time you are able to read this in an “understanding” kind of way, it will be alright for me to have had this difficult conversation with you.
Grampa believes it is important.

There will be people in your life Alice who will end, who will die and hopefully, when that happens, those persons will have lived a long time. But the point is they will die.

One day Grampa will end, Grampa will die.
That will hurt, that will be sad but that will not be the end of the world. That will be just one of those endings.

Beginnings and endings…they happen every day!
So do we go about our lives fearful because things begin and end?

Hopefully, because we have thought about this beginning and ending thing, we go about living our lives with great gratitude for each and every day, each and every moment.

Hopefully, because we have thought about this beginning and ending, we go about our lives doing the things that matter – love, family, relationships – 

with great Intention and with very great Attention.

Beginning and ending,

Gaining and losing,

Living and dying,

All part of this wonderful life you have Alice...

So go live it with great intention and great attention!



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