Thursday, November 17, 2011


Sweet Alice,
Grampa and Lala had such a wonderful time with you last weekend at your great Uncle B ill’s and Aunt Michelle’s lake house. It was really neat to watch you and your cousin Caroline interact with one another (sorry about the bop on the head) but more than Caroline I think you enjoyed Caroline’s dog Briley. Your eyes just lit up each time you saw that old yellow lab. Maybe someday you will have a dog like that.
Anyway, it was really good to see you and Caroline together and to see how different you were and how alike you were. Of course, as adults, we can fall into the trap of who is doing what and when and all kinds of other things..on and on…Comparing, Comparing.
All the while you two beautiful human being are just doing what you do, being who you are, not comparing anything,
the beauty of seeing with unconditioned eyes, “kingdom of God eyes”, “Nirvana”.

Your momma and I had a talk about that and just how unhealthy comparing is and how easy it is as parents and grandparents to fall into the trap of comparing kids.
And then I ran across an article that spoke to the very thing we were talking about and I sent it to your momma and to your aunt Katie.
Your momma read the article and wrote me back, saying some very wise words that I want to share with you now (with her permission).
She states:
…”very well put (commenting on the article) and especially good wisdom for us mommas. Someone told me when Alice was first born, “COMPARISON IS THE THIEF OF JOY.”…that has stuck with me. I have tried very hard not to let other’s judgment or comparisons of Alice rob me of my pure delight in her being…”
What wise words from your momma.
May we all delight in your being,
And may you learn to delight in your being
Delighting in just who you are!
There really is nothing to compare you to!
Momma is not a big dog fan but see if you can get her to read you Old Yellowmaybe that will convert her.

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