Saturday, December 10, 2011



It seems you have an aversion to sweet potatoes! Of course I realize that may change as time passes. You're just a little over six months old at present.

Grampa loves sweet potatoes but that does not mean you have to.
They really are good for you though!

Most people I know love sweet potatoes!

The majority of people I know love sweet potatoes!

That might put you in the minority!

So what is a minority?

One definition is:

a part of a population differing from others in some characteristics and often subjected to differential treatment.

Now not liking sweet potatoes might not cause you to be treated any differently by people but we can make the point I want to make, using your sweet potato aversion here.

Sometimes when you are in a minority position, the people in the majority position will treat you differently. Being in a minority position is not an easy space to be in Alice. Being in a minority position does not mean your are wrong. It just means you are in a different position.

It can become so uncomfortable that you may want to pretend, just so you can feel like you belong.

That is not a reason to violate your beliefs Alice.

That's the simple but important lesson of the Sweet Potato.

Now eat your root veggies!


Sunday, December 4, 2011

You are both to blame!
My old heart has been softened.
And beyond repair!

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Sweet Alice,
Welcome to the season of Advent, your first Advent.
It’s sometimes called a season of waiting.
In our anticipating and waiting for Christmas, we remember the story of Jesus' birth.
And so we wait for the day that has been set aside to remember that story and reflect on what it means for us in our lives today.
So here we are, WAITING!
So here are some thoughts on waiting.

Learning to WAIT on something you desire is not always easy.
The thing about waiting is it puts us in a position of feeling like we are not in control.
Well guess what Alice?
For the most part we are not in control. 
But we can learn to wait in a particular way. 
We can create the proper attitude of “trying to live in the present moment” because that is the only place where our life is happening, so we should really pay attention to that place.
So as you get older and you have one of these moments or hours, or days or maybe even years where you have to be WAITING,
Just take a deep breath and appreciate your life right where it is because right where you are is the only life you have.
Then you won’t be waiting, you will be living!
My guess is if you are able to do that, you just might find God already there, even if it's not Christmas.
(Waiting to see you during Christmas)