Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sweet Alice (aka "circus girl"),

I have updated your picture here on the blog. 
You are so pretty in that green! 
That color just seems to suit you. 

But so does red, blue, white and a lot of other colors. 

So do the colors make you shine or do you make the colors shine?

Is it what you do with the colors or is it what the colors do with you?

We can ask the same question about our lives.

Is it what we do with our lives or is it what life does with us?

As you get older Alice you will be deciding what colors you want to wear (I hope you still like green).
And also as you get older you will be deciding what to do with this life you have been given.

There will be times when it feels like life is doing you instead of you doing life.

It's those times when it "feels" like life is doing you that I want you to remember the color green.

It's you who makes that green so vivid !


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