Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Love Day

Dear Sweet Young Ladies In My Life
(aka as my “Heart Expanders”}
So today we celebrate LOVE!
(aka as Valentine’s Day)
So what is LOVE?
Certainly not a Valentine’s Day Love!
But it’s still a fun day, so enjoy!
You both will probably spend more time discovering what Love Is Not, before you finally discover what Love IS.
Don’t fret about that too much…We’ve all done that!
How important and how difficult is it to talk about what love really is?
I type with fear and trembling!
I dare not say what it is for being wrong!
I dare not suggest that I have “the” answer.
I will say this:
When you think you have discovered what Love is,
Stop, take a deep breath and reflect  on those thoughts, share those thoughts with your elders, read some others’ thoughts and then step back, way back from your answer…
Then spend another year reading what all the great thinkers have said about love. Then read them all again.
I can promise you that love will not be what you think it is the first time you think you know what it is.
If this is scary, good!
It’s too important not to respect the mystery.
In the meantime,
Happy Valentine
Love you both,

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