Saturday, March 31, 2012

Expressing Ourselves

Look at all the different ways you are expressing yourself in these pictures with your face! I hope you keep that freedom to express yourself,  not letting the world shut you down. 
And I hope you come to find that particular way to express yourself.
It's not just with our faces that we express ourselves.
There is music, words, painting, dancing and even loving.
So whether you play an instrument, sing a song, write a book, paint a picture or dance in fields of flowers, or just have the gift of compassion for others - 


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Haiku For You

Green, yellow baskets,
Smiling little girl outside!
Spring has sprung again!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Climbing and Ladders

Alice –The Curious Circus Girl,
There you are again! Climbing! Your goal would appear to be your crib! Well, Grampa hopes you didn’t hurt yourself in your attempt to get a little higher. Maybe I just need to go ahead and get you a ladder. It might actually be the safer thing to do, considering your “circus” habits. 
And speaking of “Climbing Ladders”
That’s what ladders are for, climbing up. But just because ladders take us up another level does not always mean we have arrived to a better place or even a higher place.
As you get older there will all kinds of ladders that will be placed before you to climb. Some of those will be good and some of those just lead to false platforms.
If you spend your life climbing ladders, just so you can be the one on top, you might find out later that you are no longer grounded in what matters. You just end up having a lot of ladders that led to things that really don’t make a difference in our lives.
Grampa loves the fact that you like to climb. And Grampa will feel really proud of some of the ladders I know you will climb later in life.
Just remember to choose your ladders wisely, Alice.
The Top really is sometimes the bottom.
I love you,

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday Haiku for Both of You

If I did not write,
And suddenly took to flight,
Would you remember?


Saturday, March 17, 2012


Dear Alice,
Lala and Grampa are here with you this weekend while Momma and Daddy are off to a wedding in Alabama.
How wonderful it is that your mother and daddy TRUST us with you in this way. It gives them time away to not be momma and daddy but husband and wife.
And it gives Lala and Grampa time to be what we so enjoy at this time in our lives...
Lala and Grampa!
So each of us receives a gift because of the "TRUST".
Now trust is an important means...
 firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something...
So your momma and daddy believe in us...they TRUST us.
Learning who to trust in this life and what to trust is not always easy, Alice. 

Sometimes you just have to spend some time observing people, listening to their words or watching their behavior in certain situations.

At other times you need to talk with you momma and daddy about who and what to trust.

And sometimes you will be disappointed but even in that disappointment you can learn things about life and about people.

So "TRUST" important word Alice!

One thing you can TRUST always!

Grampa Loves You ACF!


Sunday, March 11, 2012




Saturday, March 10, 2012


Grampa's retreat place.

Good morning ladies,
Grampa is writing the same thoughts to both of you this week.
I spent several days this past week on retreat.

Some people see retreat as getting away from the hustle and bussel of daily life. That surely can be a way of looking at “retreat”. I call that perspective a vacation.
Another way of looking at “retreat” is the act of separating yourself from the distractions of daily life: vocation, family, chores and all the other things that make up our daily lives.
“Distractions” is a good word here but at the same time I don’t want you to think that what we do everyday is a distraction. What we do everyday is live our lives and that living involves lots of things that must be done simply in order to have a life.
But these things can become distractions instead of teachers if we don’t have the eyes to see their deepr meanings or better yet if we don’t do them with the proper awareness.
So I get away so that I can see this day to day life that I live in a deeper kind of that I can come back to these day to day things with a greater awareness of just how holy these ordinary things are and how holy this ordinary life I live is.
Then they are no longer distractions, they are life!
Another way of explaining all this to you is just to say that Grampa tries to live his life as a contemplative.
I’m not going to address “contemplative” in this post. We would be here a while trying to explain it.
But because I try to live my life as a contemplative (a monk in the world), I try to get away from everything now and then and just sit, read and think, “Boring!”, you say. It certainly can be. But it can also be transforming. 
You just can’t believe how noisy silence can be! But in the midst of all that noisey silence, one comes to see things for what they are. And if you are graced, you may actually learn how to "SEE".
So I share all these confusing words with both of you just to say,
You should have “retreat” as part of you spiritual lives.
And if either of you wants to know what that looks like, just ask Grampa.
I’ll be glad to give you some suggestions.
Imagine that!
I love you both so deeply!
I would love to take you to that place you see in the picture someday.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Sunday Haiku For You

Blue eyes and Brown eyes,
What is a Grampa to do?
Love Brown and Love Blue!

Friday, March 2, 2012

True Colors

Sweet Alice,
Here you are doing the things you do. Being who you are. Showing your true colors in this very colorful video.
I hope you always have the confidence and courage to show your true colors.
Of course there are times in our lives when we need to just blend in and not stand out.
That becomes a matter of discernment on your part.
Something you learn with time.
Something you learn through mistakes.
But with time,
And through mistakes,
Wisdom is born.

Meanwhile, enjoy your colorful buckets!

I love you.