Friday, March 23, 2012

Climbing and Ladders

Alice –The Curious Circus Girl,
There you are again! Climbing! Your goal would appear to be your crib! Well, Grampa hopes you didn’t hurt yourself in your attempt to get a little higher. Maybe I just need to go ahead and get you a ladder. It might actually be the safer thing to do, considering your “circus” habits. 
And speaking of “Climbing Ladders”
That’s what ladders are for, climbing up. But just because ladders take us up another level does not always mean we have arrived to a better place or even a higher place.
As you get older there will all kinds of ladders that will be placed before you to climb. Some of those will be good and some of those just lead to false platforms.
If you spend your life climbing ladders, just so you can be the one on top, you might find out later that you are no longer grounded in what matters. You just end up having a lot of ladders that led to things that really don’t make a difference in our lives.
Grampa loves the fact that you like to climb. And Grampa will feel really proud of some of the ladders I know you will climb later in life.
Just remember to choose your ladders wisely, Alice.
The Top really is sometimes the bottom.
I love you,

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