Saturday, March 17, 2012


Dear Alice,
Lala and Grampa are here with you this weekend while Momma and Daddy are off to a wedding in Alabama.
How wonderful it is that your mother and daddy TRUST us with you in this way. It gives them time away to not be momma and daddy but husband and wife.
And it gives Lala and Grampa time to be what we so enjoy at this time in our lives...
Lala and Grampa!
So each of us receives a gift because of the "TRUST".
Now trust is an important means...
 firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something...
So your momma and daddy believe in us...they TRUST us.
Learning who to trust in this life and what to trust is not always easy, Alice. 

Sometimes you just have to spend some time observing people, listening to their words or watching their behavior in certain situations.

At other times you need to talk with you momma and daddy about who and what to trust.

And sometimes you will be disappointed but even in that disappointment you can learn things about life and about people.

So "TRUST" important word Alice!

One thing you can TRUST always!

Grampa Loves You ACF!


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