Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Stories And Truth

Hey Circus Girl!
Your mother sent me this little snip of your storytime at the library. Looks like you are really paying attention. And what a wonderful crowd of friends you are with.
Stories are great to get lost in.
You know Alice, there are stories that are true and there are stories that are not true. But even in the stories that are not true, you might find a truth in them.
The Native Americans say it this way:
"I want to tell you a story. Now I don't know if it really happened this way or not
but the story is true."
It's a strange thing but the truth can be found it stories that are false.
So there really are times when reading or listening to a story, it's more important to look for the truth in the story and not fret so much about whether the story is true.
Maybe one day I can sit and tell you a story.
Then you can tell me what the truth is in that story.
That would be fun.

So Grampa is looking forward to a little story time with you too!

I love you Circus Girl,

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