Thursday, May 24, 2012

True To Form


This is the picture which was published on the very first blog I wrote to you on April 30, 2011. You were born five weeks later on your dad's birthday (now yours too), May 31, 2012.

Who would have known how "true to your form" this picture was to your vibrant physical self!

And now here you are getting ready to celebrate your very first birthday in just a few days, true to form, pushing a big pool across your deck all by yourself!

You are "The Circus Girl"!

Grampa just loves that about you!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Who Or What Are We

Looks like you have been working out in the gym Circus Girl! 
That's good and that's important. 
Physical attentiveness is part of a responsible spiritual life.

How we tend to our bodies says something about us being responsible human beings.

But the truth is WE ARE NOT OUR BODIES!

I'm not necessarily one to consult on this truth, because I am so "body conscious" at times that it probably becomes a therapy issue.
But I am aware of this sickness of mine. 
I would love to tell you that I have it all together but I don't.
Most everything I write to you comes out of my brokenness and not my wholeness.


 if we are not our bodies, who are we?

If we are not our bodies, what are we?

If we are not our thoughts, who are we?

If we are not our thoughts, what are we?

Answering these questions requires a lot of time in the spiritual gym!

Love you,

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happiness vs Meaning

Ok Alice,
This is another one of those pictures of you that just arrests my heart.
In other words, I'm captured by it.

One big HAPPY FACE !

I pray there is much happiness in your life. 
But something to remember about 

Happiness is temporal. Happiness is passing. Happiness is something that happens in a moment of time, just like this moment of time snapped in your picture above.

It comes and goes.

And if you are only seeking "happiness" in your life, you will always be looking for the next "thing". And in the end you will have many moments of discontent.

May I encourage you first to seek meaning and you will discover something deep inside you that feels settled. Something that satiates the deepest part of you. That part made in the image of God.

Seek first the kingdom...which is not out there...but closer to you than you are to yourself Alice.

Some people describe it as the way your face looks like before your parents were born.

And it will make you smile, just like you are smiling in this picture!


Thursday, May 3, 2012

You Can Only Be Where You Are

"After all, his only goal has been to help his companions along the road to discover the treasure of their own lives right where they are, moment after moment, time and time again."
Roshi, Jakusho Kwong (2007-12-18). No Beginning, No End: The Intimate Heart of Zen (p. 20). Random House, Inc.. Kindle Edition. 

One reason Grampa writes these little thoughts to you is summed up in the quote above. 

We can spend our lives always looking across the road, over the hill and even through a wrought iron fence, thinking, " there is where I need to be", when all along there is a profound treasure in your own life, right where you are.
Your life. Right where you are!
Look and see Alice!

Love you,