Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happiness vs Meaning

Ok Alice,
This is another one of those pictures of you that just arrests my heart.
In other words, I'm captured by it.

One big HAPPY FACE !

I pray there is much happiness in your life. 
But something to remember about 

Happiness is temporal. Happiness is passing. Happiness is something that happens in a moment of time, just like this moment of time snapped in your picture above.

It comes and goes.

And if you are only seeking "happiness" in your life, you will always be looking for the next "thing". And in the end you will have many moments of discontent.

May I encourage you first to seek meaning and you will discover something deep inside you that feels settled. Something that satiates the deepest part of you. That part made in the image of God.

Seek first the kingdom...which is not out there...but closer to you than you are to yourself Alice.

Some people describe it as the way your face looks like before your parents were born.

And it will make you smile, just like you are smiling in this picture!


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