Sunday, June 3, 2012

Expressing Your True Self

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Lala and Grampa spent last weekend with you celebrating your first year of life. What a surprise when we arrived to find you sick with an ear infection!
But you were true to form again, remaining "The Circus Girl" even while battling a fever of over 101 degrees, raising your head when you could, trying as best you could,  offering a smile to whom ever would look your way.

What a wonderful teacher you were for all of us. Not having been conditioned to have a certain attitude at your very young age, you just letting things be what they were and making the best of what was, expressing your true form.

There's an old zen saying:

"Without any intentional fancy way of adjusting yourself, to express yourself as you are, is the most important thing."

I pray you can carry that into the rest of your life. It is the truth that sets us free!

Happy Birthday (May 31)


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