Saturday, August 25, 2012

Writing Matters

Here I sit,
Wanting to be a writer.
Not great novels
Of far away exotic adventures.
I just want to write to you about life.
I just want to write to you about what matters.
So many things don’t matter in this life. 
I don’t want you to get the things that don’t matter confused with the things that do matter.
So I am a writer,
Writing about the things that matter. 
I am your personal writer about the things that matter.
It may take you awhile to see what matters and why what matters, matters.
You may end up disagreeing with me about these things that matter.
That won’t necessarily be a bad thing. It means you are thinking for yourself.
But that does not mean that they don’t matter.
All I ask is that you give them some consideration.
With time you may see the matter of the things that matter.
I have said at times that nothing is permanent. I guess maybe that is a lie.
The things that matter, the things that really matter, permanent indeed!
You matter!
And don’t you ever forget that one!
Not because you are more special than anyone else.
We all matter. We just need to let go of the need to matter.
That will be when we matter the most.


Sunday, August 19, 2012


photo credit
Elinor Scott-Sutter


 Good poetry begins with the lightest touch, 
a breeze arriving from nowhere, 
a whispered healing arrival, 
a word in your ear, 
a settling into things, then, like a hand in the dark, 
it arrests the whole body, steeling you for revelation. 

In the silence that follows a great line, 
you can feel Lazarus, 
deep inside even the laziest,
 most deathly afraid part of you,
 lift up his hands and walk toward the light.

Whyte, David (2007-01-01). River Flow: New & Selected Poems (p. 136). Many Rivers Press. Kindle Edition.

Sweet Alice,
David Whyte is a recent discovery of mine. Read poetry Alice. Like he says in the one line:

"In the silence that follows a great line,
you can feel Lazarus,
deep inside even the laziest,
most deathly afraid part of you,
lift up his hands and walk toward the light.

There are poems that speak to intimacy with "the lightest touch",
and there seems to me to be a great mystery about intimacy which wakes us up to the light that lives inside of us. In fact, maybe that experience of intimacy is the "Light" which lives in us.

Maybe I have said this already to you earlier but it is worth saying again,
"Read poetry Alice!"


Friday, August 10, 2012


Sweet Alice,
Many minutes, hours, days, weeks and months between us right now. As life would have it,  that is just the way things have been recently. And Grampa just has to sit with that. 
If we wanted to look at this thought from a spiritual perspective, it’s the spiritual discipline acceptance. Dealing with what unfolds in one’s life, instead of always trying to control everything. This may, at first, feel like a passive stance – just accepting- but learning the upaya (skillful means) of acceptance can become a very valuable spiritual tool because there is so much we don’t have control over anyway. 
Sitting with just what is…
No judgments
No opinions
No good
No bad
Just this
Something to ponder in your journey.
Love Grampa