Saturday, September 1, 2012

Descending To Get Where You Need To Be

Sweet Alice,
Your mom posted this picture with a title that said:

"Lessons In Descending".

As soon I saw that title I was moved to the spiritual meaning. 

You will find in your life that there are numerous lessons about "Ascending", making it to the top,

but there's not a lot "in the world" about "Descending".

What do I mean by Descending in a spiritual way?

One thing I mean is the work of dismantling your ego, moving from your head to your heart. It's a stripping away of all the conditioning that shapes us in our lives, all the conditioning that forms our sense of a self.  All of us who love you are doing that to your right now, in good ways and unintentionally in bad ways. Our wounds we give you are because we too are still working on this descending and dismantling. It's a life long process Alice and sometimes becoming parents and grandparents brings the best and the broken out of us.

This dismantling is a DESCENDING in spiritual terms. It is going to that place that Thomas Merton calls "the virgin point". That place were we see we are made in the image of God. It's what the Buddhist call "your original face before you where born". Paul Tillich my call that place "the ground of being".

So as you get caught up in this world's "ascending" (and you will), remember there is a way to be in this world and not of it. And if you begin that journey of DESCENDING,  you just might find your self "on top of the world". There are many paradoxes in the spiritual journey Alice.

How is this done?
Some hints: Silence, solitude, contemplation.

I will, if I haven't already, talk about these later.


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