Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Why Do You Call Me Circus Girl Grampa?

So I anticipate some day you may ask me why I call you circus girl. 
Well, for one thing you are always putting on a show; dancing in circles, climbing up stairs, sitting in boxes, standing in boxes and oh yes, running away somewhere all by your lonesome. 

You seem to be quite the adventurous spirit Alice. 

But will you promise to do Grampa one little favor? 

It seems you got all the above scrapes and bruises on one of your "running away somewhere" events.

Be careful Alice. Please?

But don't you ever lose that circus girl spirit you have!
And don't you ever let me try to stifle that spirit because of my own fears!

You are the Circus Girl!

And Grampa loves you for that!

But please, be careful!

Love you,

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