Thursday, July 18, 2013

Letting Go As A Spiritual Practice

That's you discovering Papa's new hearing aids.
Not only have I loss my hair but it seems my hearing has gotten worse.
So it is with these bodies we live in.
It seems Alice that as we age we have to practice the "art" of letting go, especially when it comes to our bodies.
That's a hard one for Papa. I am too body conscious. I'm not so much a health nut as I am vain. But in this case, my vanity has benefitted my body. I am in pretty good shape for my age.
But time will eventually make it's mark on me. And probably in ways that I will not be so happy about.
This is why it is important to grow out of our bodies into our spirits.
If we have done our work (which takes your whole life) in the things of the spirit, when our bodies start letting us down, it may just be a little easier to let go because we know it is the things of the spirit that will matter in our old age, not the flesh. But these spiritual things matter at all times.
Now don't think I am saying the flesh is bad. I'm not!
Enjoy your body!
Take care of your body!
That too will give your spirit a lift.

But in the end, our bodies get weaker but our spirits can keep growing until we take our last breath.

So "Letting Go".
That's one for you to ponder Alice.
Do you hear me?
I can you hear you!