Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Forgive me for not writing you in April. Sometimes it’s just hard to keep up with my writings. But my goal is to keep it up until all you girls are five years old. Anyway, what should we
talk about in May, 2014, besides the fact you will be tuning 3 this month?
Thomas Merton (I have probably mentioned him before) has been one of my spiritual mentors over the years. He was a trappist monk at the Gethsemani Abbey in Kentucky. At some point he asked to live alone in a hermitage on the monastery property and was granted permission by the Abbot. He said this about this move:
“This is not a hermitage—it is a house…What I wear is pants. What I do is live. How I pray is breathe…Up here in the woods is seen the New Testament: that to say, the wind comes through the trees and you breathe it. Is it supposed to be clear? I am not inviting anybody to try it. Or suggesting that one day the message will come saying NOW. That is none of my business.
(Taken from The Ox-Herder and The Good Shepherd)
He seems to be saying that we all have to find our own way to God and feel at home with ourselves when we have found that place.
He’s quoted again in the same book:
“Life consists in learning to live on one’s own, spontaneous, freewheeling: to do this one must recognize what is one’s own—be familiar and at home with oneself. This means basically learning who one is, and learning what one has to offer to the contemporary world, and then learning how to make that offering valid.”

What will your offering be Alice?

Just make sure it's YOUR offering, 

A place where you can sit comfortably and naturally.
And you will be at home.

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