Saturday, May 31, 2014



It’s your birthday! Happy Birthday!

You have changed in so many ways!
And you will continue to change for many years.
And my prayer for you is that your spirit will forever be blossoming and transforming into an open spaciousness. 

In some genres of spiritual jargon, the word TRANSFORMATION is associated with change. David Benner talks about transformation and how it is different from growth in his book Spirituality and the Awakening Self.

He says:
“Transformation is a term that is getting a lot of use recently. However, the changes referred to are frivolously small. Someone, for example, might speak of a spa treatment as having been transformational. They probably mean that it was refreshing. At a slightly more profound level, another person might speak of having lost a lot of weight as transformational. By this, they might mean that they feel like a new person.

Authentic transformation involves a much more major reorganization of our internal furniture than any of these things. Unlike the small incremental steps involved in growth, transformation is more like a quantum shift. It starts with an awakening and involves movement toward a more inclusive identity, a larger framework for meaning-making, and an expansion of consciousness. But most importantly, it will always translate into new ways of being in the world, and of understanding your relationship to it.
Self-improvement projects will never produce transformation. And, unlike growth, transformation is facilitated more by consent than effort. Accept no substitutes for it.”

Alice as we celebrate your day of birth today, it is so obvious how you have grown physically and intellectually. May you intellect and your body continue to be nurtured in healthy ways.

But may your spirit be TRANSFORMED,  that you might truly have the mind of Christ to share with this world.

Happy Birthday Circus Girl!


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