Monday, June 9, 2014


We talked about transformation last month and having the "mind of Christ".
Richard Rohr reminds us that the seed for that "mind" is given to us in our spiritual DNA. This is truly "Good News". I shared these same words this morning with your cousin Caroline. I think these words are so important for us to reflect on. Like I told Caroline, I know I have said these things in other vignettes I have offered you here in this space, but Rohr articulates it in a beautiful way.
Please reflect deeply on these words, they can change your life!

I love you,

Richard Rohr's Daily Meditation
Becoming Who You Are
Divine DNA
Monday, June 9, 2014
The True Self is characterized by communion and contentment. It’s okay. It’s all right here, right now. The True Self is the self that is connected with Being itself. It is the realigned self. Christianity would use the word “saved” to describe this state, and Jesus would speak of the grain of wheat which has died to its small boundaries to become the large self, the God Self, the Christ Self, the Enlightened Self. It has to do with participating and resting in the Universal Being (“God”) that is bigger than your own small being and yet includes it. You are inherently a part of it. Your life is not about you. You are about life.
The True Self needs only to uncover or discover itself. It’s already there. We are all tabernacles of God, as Paul says in several places. We’ve each been given the gift. And there are no degrees of givenness; the gift is equally given to all, but we must admit that it is received in varying degrees. The only difference is the degree of conscious realization, the degree that you now draw your life from that Source. You are the dwelling place of God. Your deepest DNA is divine. God is not out there. Your deepest you is God, is good, is okay. The True Self cannot be hurt; it’s invulnerable, it’s indestructible. It’s the Great I Am continued in you.
The True Self is inherently satisfied and overflowing. It lives an abundant life. “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” (John 10:10). Spiritual gifts increase by use. If you love, you become more loving. As you learn to call upon the True Self, you draw life from that which is the Big Self, instead of the small ego. That’s probably why Jesus commanded us to love one another. Love is something we have to do to be who we are, to reconnect, to be realigned, to be in communion.

Adapted from True Self/False Self, Disc 1 (CD)
Gateway to Silence:
Love is the presence of God within me.

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