Friday, September 30, 2016


It's September 30, 2016.
One of the above persons will be sworn in as your president in January 2017.
You will probably read about this in your political science class someday.
Each of them thinks they can change the world.
To some extent that is true.
But can they change what really matters?

Here are some wise words from an old sage:

Chapter 37    

 If leaders and officials could work as the Tao works, people would be tranquil and content. Everything needed would naturally be done. But leaders and officials feel the need to push for progress, patriotism, and greed. They create dissatisfaction and keep people stirred up and angry at each other. No one understands the way of effortless living; of silence and peace; of true contentment.  


 “Wu-wei” - the art of “effortless action” - is sadly absent in our culture. Only aggressive action is seen as effective. In our never-ending political circus, stirring up dissatisfaction, creating fear, and casting blame are the main strategies. We are promised contentment only if we choose the right leaders, get the right job, marry the right person, and do the right things. Even then, it is just out of reach. Trying to be content is an oxymoron.   

What keeps you from being content? 
If nothing in your life changed, yet you were told you could be content - what would you think?

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