Saturday, July 1, 2017

Witnessing Ourselves

Getting Into and Out of Your Own Head 

To a disciple who complained of his limitations the Master said: 
“You are limited indeed. But have you noticed you can do things today that you would have thought impossible fifteen years ago? 

The master continued: “What changed?” 
The disciple replied: “My Talents changed.” 
The master paused for a moment and then said: 
“No. You changed.” 

And the disciple quickly replied: 
“Isn’t that the same thing?” 
And the Mastered replied:
You are what you think you are. 

When your thinking changed, you changed.

From Anthony De Mello’s One Minute Wisdom 

 Our minds control us so much more than we know until we learn to pay attention to our thinking. Until we develop the skill of watching the mind. Part of Papa's reason for taking time every morning to be quiet and still is to develop the skill of being able to observe my mind during the day as I am working, playing or whatever. It is a way to stay in touch with the truth about who we really are and not be tossed and turned, completely unaware, by our thoughts. The story suggest we can change our thinking but that too can be difficult until we become aware of our thoughts. 
 That awareness is the gateway to our thoughts. 
Yeah, I know this sounds a little confusing. 
Think about it.
Then go somewhere. Sit down. Be still. And watch your mind. It's amazing.